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I boarded my flight to her pleasing smile,
Unusual was something such sexy and in style.
She was gonna fly with me for miles,
And I could see her confidence as she walked past the aisles.

I enjoyed the coffee that came with her
And her scent that aroused me stronger.
She turned again, and gave me a smile,
That cured my mid air emptiness for a while.

Within no time, we had to land,
Everyone was ready to disband,
So was I. After a little whew,
I looked back, while her smile was still to continue.

- Sulaiman Sait

This poem is dedicated to one of the flight crew members (The air hostess specifically) who made my dull morning bright with her everlasting smile.
I've heard some people call them (Air hostess) plastic while some look at them with a wrong insight. They are someone who are doing a commendable job and to what I've seen many enjoy their role and commend their presence in the flight.
Salute to those women for making our journey comfortable.


My life had been in a terrible stress a few months back, the floods, the set of medical camps, personal life tensions, deadlines and stuff. My life came to a point where I was wondering whats the purpose of life and that's when I happened to get his copy of Songs of the Mist by Shashi. This book took me to a world of calmness which was what I was craving for. Shashi also happens to be a friend of mine, he's an Engineer by profession a writer by passion who is very well known for his Haiku's over the social media. Awarded as the best blogger under spiritual category, Shashi has always written posts which have a deep sense of connectivity. He's a regular visitor to the divine shrines and seeks peace out of it.

But, before I go deep into this review, let me tell you I had to temporarily forget the fact that the author was my friend so that I could read the book more comfortably and do justice to the book before I write a proper review.

This book is the first book of the "The Monk Key"series which has further chapters to come in its upcoming book. Speaking about this book one; The book has a wonderful appeal with the title written in bold. Designed by Notion press, the publication house, the cover design is very relevant to the story. The book has 197 pages which is priced around 299 rupees and is available on all leading e- commerce sites.

The songs of the mist is based on the character of 5 different people/protagonists (Ayan, Ashutosh, Anishka, Calliope and Vasudha) who are from different walks of life that plan their way to visit a Tibetan monk up in the Himalays just to know about things they don't know about life and to gain spirituality and connect with life. What happens next ? Do they seek guidance to what life is ? Do they discover what they have been looking for ? Read Songs of the mist to know more and get connected to reality


     We now live in a generation where every one wants to own a car and its more or less become a necessity than a luxury. Everyone who wants to own a car desires to have a car which has the perfect look and luxury features which he has always dreamed about. Datsun from Nissan understands this need and has come up with their new low budget car called Datsun Redi- Go.

    A unique fusion of compact cross over and urban hatch back this urban cross car is loaded with an 800cc engine,with triple petrol cylinders for combustion, with a maximum power of 54 PS and mileage of 25.17 kmpl. The car sports a low ground clearance of 185 mm like any other hatchback car. Priced between 2.5 and 3.5 lakhs, this car is definitely a clear stand out among other cars in this range.

   This car has impressed me with its very first look, and now has cemented a stand out place in my mind wanting to own it. This ultimate Urban Cross Datsun Redi- Go has got me define my very own 3 reasons from its wonderful features about why I'd wanna have my hands on this car's steering and drive my way through Chennai city.


To begin, let me introduce you to Ganga Bharani. She been a wonderful friend of mine, a co blogger, a passionate writer and a short film maker besides working in an IT company trying to meet her hectic schedules. This is her Third book after A minute to death and  Just You, Me and A Secret (click on the book titles to read the review).

But, before I go deep into this review, let me tell you I had to temporarily forget the fact that the author was my friend so that I could read the book more comfortably and do justice to the book before I write a proper review.

Designed by the publication house, the cover of this book looks really looks good as it portrays the essence of the story with a coffee cup and a couple holding their hand in romance. The book is 151 paged with 21 chapters that promises to keep you gripped till the end. The book costs 175 rupees and is published by Story Mirror publication house.

The story revolves around the two protagonists (Avanthika and Gautham) along with the author ( a character in the book) who narrates the story. The story starts with Avanthika falling in love with Gautham at first site in her 5th grade and as the story progresses, Avantika develops feelings for Gautham and with time Gautham feels the same for her. With every grade they pass they become close to each other. They used studies as a reason to get close to each other and spend time building their puppy romance. But, then comes a time when Gautham moves to a different school after his 10th grade and these two lose contact only to get back to meeting each other later in life. What happens next ? Does the love prevail ? Does Gautam marry Avanthika ? Does Avanthika get to see the dream husband she desired for?. Read A sip of Love and A sip of coffee to find out....

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